Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Rainy day boy

Rainy day activities

Need some rainy day activities for kids keep them happy and occupied? Gr8 Toys has come up with a few suggestions that will keep your kids busy as they not only PLAY but learn, too!

Play a board game

Pull out an old favourite such as Junior Monopoly or a twist to an old favourite such as Fairy-opoly and play a game with the kids. Board games are a wonderful way to encourage positive social skills as the kids learn about turn taking, patience and listening. Also great to encourage numeracy skills such as number recognition and simple addition. Another favourite is Snakes and Ladders or what 3D Snakes and Ladders for something different? For simple games try dominoes. There are some great versions out on the market now or make your own using cardboard and stickers!

Build a jigsaw puzzle

Simple puzzles are a great way to keep young minds stimulated. There is a huge variety available from pin puzzles for little ones to shaped puzzles to glittery puzzles or the look and find version. This make for wonderful rainy day activities for kids to encourage problem solving. For added interest why not let your child know that when the puzzle is completed it can be framed! Make the frame with dad if he is a competent carpenter or buy from a cheap two dollar shop and then paint or decorate with stickers.

Build an indoor cubby house

What about giving your child some old sheets to set up a cubby house? Use some chairs or a table as the frame and off you go. Add some costumes and teddies or dolls and a tea set and they are set for a tea party! This is a great gross motor and social activity.

Enjoy the rain

Let the children grab their raincoats and gumboots and splash or stomp in some small puddles outside when the rain is light or some puddles under cover. Great opportunity to expel some energy and get some fresh air! Take out some old bath toys and let the kids sail a boat in a puddle or float a duck. You would be surprised how inventive children get with just one simple toy!

Make your own movie day

Put on a favourite movie, grab a soft toy for company or invite a friend, close the curtains for atmosphere and make some popcorn. You won’t hear a peep for hours! Perhaps hire a 3D movie and some 3D glasses for some extra interactive fun!

Arts and Crafts

There are lots of wonderful craft sets that can keep the children busy and entertained from the iron bead sets to mosaic sets.. Check out the Djeco craft sets and the ever popular Melissa and Doug stamp sets where children can make pictures or cards for their friends. Also why not buy some themed sets and get the kids busy creating cards, for example some Easter stamps and pastel coloured card or pre-folded cards to make Easter cards for family and friends or another idea – grab some card and make an Easter basket for the traditional Easter Egg Hunt.

Put on a Puppet Show

Give the children some recycled paper rolls or brown paper bags, collage materials like feathers and goggle eyes, plus textas etc and encourage them to create a puppet then use to make their own show for mum and dad, pets or dolls and teddies!

Do Some Cooking and Baking

Put on your favourite apron, grab some cooking utensils plus your favourite recipe and do some cooking together. Or make some cup cakes and ice then give your child some M and M’s and encourage them to decorate using a pattern! Or ice some Arnott’s Marie biscuits for Easter. This will keep them busy and problem solving!

Pretend Play

Set up the doll house – complete with furniture then give your child a new and different set of dolls to play with, for example one of the Sylvanian animal families and let them pretend play! These gorgeous sets also come with accessories, including food and a village flower shop, etc..

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