Pintoy Wooden Workbench

Are you looking for a sturdy wooden workbench toy that will keep your pre-schooler engaged and stimulated? This pintoy wooden workbench has many developmental qualities:


This work bench includes:

  • wooden connectors
  • nuts
  • bolts
  • screws
  • wooden tools, including saw

These pieces and tools will encourage your child to use their fingers and hands to hold, twist, turn, screw, saw… while developing and strengthening finger and hand control and dexterity. This, in turn, will help to develop a proper pencil grip (tripod) and later correct letter formation which is required for appropriate writing skills.

Your child will also use and develop COGNITIVE SKILLS as they problem solve to build. A wonderful OPEN ENDED work bench that also encourages CREATIVITY as your child builds and constructs using their own imagination and creative ideas.

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